Custom quiver and arm guard

Created and hand made by Robb, this arm guard and quiver is a great accessory for any archer.

Fire starting materials

It's easy to see how people can become overwhelmed when shopping for fire starting tools. There are a lot of gimmicks on the market. 

Knife and sheath 

A good knife is essential in the bush. Like fire starting tools, there are so many options to choose from. Not every knife is good in the wilderness though.

Fire starting kits

Flint and steel kit in a neat leather pouch. 

Teaching Flint & Steel techniques

Robb teaching Caitlin how to use Flint & Steel 

Custom License Plate

Robb is serious about Bshcrft.

Bucksaw making

Robb is holding a bucksaw that he made.

Robb and some of his mentors

Leather apron

A leather apron made by Robb for a good friend who does a lot of woodworking. This would also be useful for flint knapping. 

Deer hide on the rack

Ski Shoes

Fire Piston

Archery student

Bradey is learning how to shoot a traditional bow instinctively.

Lighting unprocessed Amadou with a Fresnel lens

Amadou is now ready for the next step