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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Bear Paw Bushcraft & Survival

Wilderness Survival skills training.

Robb Brouwer    

Owner and outdoor instructor

Raised in Calgary, Robb joined the Sea Cadets at the age of 13, which sparked his interest in bushcraft and the outdoors. Along with learning Bushcraft, Robb has a passion for traditional archery and is a certified instructor.

Robb has continued to broaden his wilderness survival education and has studied the teachings of the great Mors Kochanski, along with several other mentors.

As an avid hunter, Robb puts his skills to use as often as possible, always remembering to give thanks when taking from the land.

Becki Brouwer

Herbal Enthusiast

Raised in the Rocky Mountains, Becki grew up in a hunting and trapping family. Plant and animal uses were explored extensively and at an early age, Becki learned the value of nature and it's many uses in our society. 

Becki is very passionate about preserving and protecting nature and believes in only taking what is needed, always ensuring the health and happiness of a plant or tree is maintained and respected while foraging.

With an ever expanding love of the outdoors, Becki is working towards becoming a certified Practical Herbalist through Wild Rose College of Natural Healing and sits on the Alberta Herbalist Board of Directors.